Our Modern Equipment for Cleaning Service in Bangladesh

Our Equipment

In Smart Force, we use cutting edge technology: Innovative equipment that is safe and effective:

Number one equipment of Cleaning Service     two-quipement-of-cleaning-service

New at Smart Force

Platforms tracked for work at height, for indoor and outdoor work. Width of 34.5 inches and weight of only  8530 pounds.

  • Cranes that can reach a height of 13 storeys;
  • Pods up to a height of 45 feet;
  • Suspended platforms (no height limit);
  • Motorized chairs;
  • Scales;
  • Fully equipped laundry;
  • Signal equipment when required.

3-quipement-of-cleaning-service     3-quipement-of-cleaning-service   equipement of cleaning-service-in-bangladesh


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