Giasuddin Sikder Maruf, Managing Director is a businessman by profession. He has more than 10 years of experience in HR outsourcing service and Management consulting field. He is extremely hardworking, a known workaholic, with determined persistence.

Giasuddin Sikder Maruf has contributed prodigiously to give shape to HR outsourcing services in Bangladesh. He is an outstanding organizer. Over the years he has acquired profound experience in organizing HR outsourcing services and Management consulting in Bangladesh.. With his leadership and vision HR outsourcing services business in Bangladesh has grown and International Organization have become interested to invest in house and world. In 2013, he founded Smart Force Outsourcing System ltd as a best HR outsourcing & Management consulting Services Company and quickly established a corporate culture for the company. He assembled a highly professional HR outsourcing & Management consulting services and corporate team took a in the heart of Dhaka at Farmgate. He has completed his education MBA degree from a reputed Green University of Bangladesh and PGDHRM from Bangladesh Institute of Human Resource Management.